Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

United by STD: RM.

Flash Art #358
Fall 2022

RM. United by STD. Flash Art

Following the topic of the 23rd edition of the Triennale di Milano, Flash Art fall issue is dedicated to “dark zones,” those omitted from discourse, those that escape the human gaze. How do we relate to the dark zones of existence? What value do we assign to trauma, to illness?

Illness also pervades in the issue’s cover story dedicated to RM (a collective formerly known as Real Madrid). Reflecting on the work of the artists, Francesco Urbano Ragazzi notes how some diseases in contemporary society are relegated to the personal sphere and are “accompanied by the stigma of living in economic-sanitary conditions below a certain threshold: the completely perceptible, but shamefully hidden, threshold that divides those who are always better off from those who try to be in the world.” In this sense for the curatorial duo, “RM overturns this disparity with the pride of feeling like people of the world, able to live with and even laugh at illness as well as the ups and downs of life.”


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