Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

Dolomitenhof Resort

Sass Muss, Sospirolo, Belluno
September 17 – Oct. 16 2011

Project and group show curated by Francesco Ragazzi and Francesco Urbano.

Dolomitenhof Resort

Fabbricare, fabbricare, fabbricare
Preferisco il rumore del mare
che dice fabbricare, fare e disfare
Fare e disfare è tutto un lavorare
ecco quello che so fare.
(Dino Campana)


Dolomitenhof Resort is a collective, site-generic exhibition, made up of artworks that sensationally lack any pertinence to the context they are in. Impertinently, they induce people to ask themselves “what am I doing here?” in the middle of an industrial area like any other, overlooked by mountains, sometimes dark. It is an ideal place to open a resort: one of those contemporary spas that takes unfettered liberties in redesigning the landscape for the sole purpose of selfcare. A marketing strategy for the snippets of selected provinces is the promise of enduring paradise for an entire weekend.
And it is not a small affair. From Friday till Sunday: three days is the time of a resurrection. Miraculous rejuvenation of one’s vital functions, new life blood flowing through still human veins: the man, beyond divine, becomes Eden. He plants himself in a deserted unattractive environment, in order to cultivate his own oasis around him.But if the resorts, the five stars resorts, are vulgar and untrue to the earth, this one is on a different level. In Sass Muss, between the guesthouse, the bunker and the path along the river, a route emerges, proceeding in steps, delaying realisation of the goal. A certain distance builds up between the art work and audience, between the project and the result, contrasting the layers of study.
Priscilla Tea, Eugenia Vanni, Antonio Guiotto, Nicola Genovese, Rachele Maistrello, Daniele Pezzi e Francesco Bertelè. The invited artists show an equal trust in reality. It is always reality from which they lever up the existing actuality. The fulcra, on the other hand, are different, but operated in the same way: the accuracy of a quiet job – sooner or later – will break in a jolt, a change of status and substance. The effect of these movements; that in crossing a region they make it longer and deeper, could be called surprise. Or also evolution; an act of adaptation of reality, that in differentiating from itself, doesn’t alienate itself from its own nature.
The oasis in the desert, even if it is a mirage, exists somewhere else, somewhere not too far and our eyes project its image here. It tricks us, but it also gives us the measure of a desire that has already become concrete.

Sponsors: Regione del Veneto, Provincia di Belluno, Comune di Belluno, Comune di Sospirolo, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Palazzo Riso, Fondazione Dolomiti Unesco, Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi, Confindustria, Consorzio Bim Piave, Enel. 


Video-report by Artribune