Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

On Stage
I benandanti

Arteverona, Verona
Oct. 19-21 2012

With Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

On Stage – I benandanti

On stage at ArtVerona. A curatorial project by Andrea Bruciati which, with the aim of effectively promoting research in the contemporary art system – after having selected a series of young galleries in 2009, emergent artists in 2010, and new collectors in 2011 – has, for the I Benandanti section, asked 9 young curators to each choose two artists (one under thirty and the other in mid-career) with whom to plan public talks about the complex curator/artist/client relationship in the current contemporary art panorama.

Invited curators:
Lorenzo Bruni, Alessandro Castiglioni, Eva Comuzzi, Simone Frangi, Alice Ginaldi, Antonio Grulli, Denis Isaia, Marco Tagliafierro, Francesco Urbano & Francesco Ragazzi.
padiglione 7. ArtVerona Fair
h 11.00 | Simone Frangi – artists: Mattia Bosco, Angelo Sarleti, Giulio Squillacciotti
h 12.30 | Lorenzo Bruni – artists: Teresa Cos, Gianni Pettena, studio ++
h 14.00 | Antonio Grulli – artists: Giulia Cenci, Giulio Frigo
ore 11.00 | Marco Tagliafierro – artists: Alessandro Agudio, Stefano Mandracchia, Giordano Pozzi
ore 14.00 | Denis Isaia – artists: Jacopo Candotti, Giorgio Guidi, Carlo Speranza
ore 17.30 | Alessandro Castiglioni – artists: Michele Lombardelli, Andrea Magaraggia, Luca Scarabelli
ore 11.00 | Francesco Urbano & Francesco Ragazzi – artists: Donatella Di Cicco, Rachele Maistrello, Agne Raceviciute
ore 14.00 | Alice Ginaldi – artists: Yari Miele, Dario Pecoraro
ore 17.30 | Eva Comuzzi – artists: Tomaso De Luca, Andrea Dojmi

EXIBART video-interview