Francesco Urbano Ragazzi


Bucharest Biennale 8
May 17 – Jul. 8, 2018

The Internet Saga presents MP3.
Curated by Beral Madra and Răzvan Ion.

MP3 – Bucharest Biennale 8

The Bucharest Biennale continues to build a strong partnership between Bucharest —a geocultural space where the political is reflected in all aspects of life— and the rest of the World. In transcending specific geographical, historical, or political frameworks, it connects to a broader complexity, namely the one of “resistance” within the quotidian realm.

Edit Your Future! This is the motto of BB8 – Bucharest Biennale 8, curated by Răzvan Ion and Beral Madra. When deciding to make a biennale in the age of Post-truth – which is now the popular term for the description of the socio-political misfortunes of global crisis – there is no doubt that the artists and the curators believe that the concepts, forms, and aesthetics of contemporary art productions and their exhibitions are the most crucial means of dealing with sociopolitical-cultural problems and concerns and the most challenging way of communicating with the society of spectacle.

As an institutional partner of BB8, The Internet Saga presents MP3 – Movimento Pirati Terza Età, a group of Italian anonymous cyberactivists which fostered the circulation of queer and feminist aesthetics online during the 90s. Exploring the Internet through the Wayback Machine, The Internet Saga has collected the ruins of this unaccomplished movement, looking back at the rise of cyberidentities from an Italian perspective. MP3 is though more than a tag or an archaeological object: it is the opportunity to affirm the radicality of anonymity in the era of total self-expression. It is the celebration of the ambiguous power of the implicit, moving from a coward and hidden form of violence to a poetic force of creation. MP3 is the image of a possible future generated by an alternative past.