Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

Der Sabina
Empty and Shadow

Centrale Fies - ComPeung Residence
July 30, 2013

In collaboration with Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

Der Sabina – Empty and Shadow

Empty and Shadow are techniques of preparation for combat. Exercises of a personal training that faces who practice it with their own emptiness and shadows: a fight against oneself.

Sabina Grasso moves from the ring to the space of art, making the research about performance coincide with her competitive training in Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand. If the daily action took place in Chiang Mai – the city of Thailand where the artist had been invited at the ComPeung residence – its reverberation is reported to Centrale Fies (Trento, Italy) through a processing of elaboration developed at a distance. Different planes of reality intersect in a psycho-physical performance which blends landscape and gesture, action and documentation. Another point of view can be found on the web at, the result of a collaboration between the artist and the duo Francesco Urbano Ragazzi, whom the project was conceived with.

The residence at ComPeung is supported by nctm e l’arte.