Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

Francesco Urbano Ragazzi presents artist Tomaso De Luca

CURA. 38 The Generational Issue.
May 2022

CURA. 38 The Generational Issue

CURA. 38 “The Generational Issue” is the magazine’s first survey about artists’ portraits that aims to investigate some of the most meaningful protagonists of the new generation who, stressing the urgencies of current times, are shaping the landscape of the present and the future in contemporary art.

In this framework, Francesco Urbano Ragazzi presents artist Tomaso De Luca:

[…] An ingenious collection of hatches, guillotines, sharp crutches, movable walls, free-falling weights, spiked floors, revolving doors, not only shows human beings in their pet-like condition/cage, but also reveals the artist as designer of a series of catastrophic events. A traumatizer. The traps thus take on the status of sculptures. And, by extension, it is perhaps all sculptures and architectures that fall within the category of trap. The bourgeois drama of keeping things in place is set aside for a moment, to make room for a chamber-theatre of destruction. It is an actorless theatre where the stage machine itself is staged: an invisible and bloody class struggle. […]

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