Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

Gli Amatori

LAGO Apartament, Venice
March 10 2011

A film by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

Gli amatori

With Dinner One, the Appartamento LAGO in Venice transforms into a movie set. The guests take part in the filming of the movie Gli Amatori (les amateurs) by Francesco Ragazzi and Francesco Urbano.
Gli Amatori is a movie set at home “two rooms and a kitchen”. Everything takes place within a flat/showroom, property of LAGO S.p.A. furniture business. The main characters are a group of temporary inhabitants who decide to organize a party and document it on video. The authors give only a few script and direction rules; they then collect the video and take care of the post-production. The editing brings together acting gestures, images of documentation and moments of clear fiction in a reversible film speech, constantly swinging between emptying and filling, welcoming and leaving, single and unanimous, improvisation and recitation.
The first of a potential infinite series of versions of Gli Amatori has been set in Appartamento LAGO in Venice, in March 2011; it looked like a business team building exercise and it had as the main characters members of the March Foundation.
The project was made possible by the business and the foundation following on from the residency program LagoStudio 2010.