Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

Art Enclosures III - Outcome

SS. Cosma e Damiano cloister, Venice

Residency program for emerging artists from the African continent

Art Enclosures III

The exhibition presents the artworks produced by the students of the Boston University Studio Arts program during two days of workshops headed by the Art Enclosures resident artists: Jabulani Maseko (South Africa) and Kiluanji Kia Henda (Angola).

Kiluanji Kia Henda focuses his research on the complex postcolonial situation in today’s Angola, a country contended for its oil resources by the world’s superpowers during the Cold War from the year it gained political independence from Portugal (1975), and immediately afterwards ravaged by a brutal civil war (1975-2002). The perennial conflict between human history and the current state of affairs of the societies in the contemporary world is thus a central theme for Kia Henda. In his works, the artist is committed to challenging the false claims created by the ideology related to the birth of European nations and racial politics in relation to black people, the “Moors”. These observations are the background against which the works created by Kia Henda during his stay in Venice should be viewed.

Jabulani Maseko, born 1977 in Johannesburg South Africa, is a mixed media artist, for whom politics is an inescapable part of his practice. His work is grounded in ideas of place, histories and personal experiences. The work often explores the ghosts and imprints of the past, and draws from the materials, ephemera and objects of everyday life. His practice includes drawing, painting, found objects, photography and performance. Exploring personal memory, family history, story-telling, and myth; his body enters his work both as medium and as a surface.

The two days of workshops and the exhibition have been organised thanks to the support of Fondazione di Venezia and Boston University Studio Arts program in Venice in the framework of Art Enclosures, a residency program for emerging artists from the African continent curated by Mara Ambrožič